DR. Wishloff

Dr. Kirsten Wishloff is the Lead Therapist for Sailing Canada, Clinical lead at the Toronto Golf Club, and the Medical Lead for the Canadian Powerlifting Federation.

Evgeny Manuylov

Evgeny Manuylov's treatment philosophy is focused on patient education, manual therapy and exercise prescription to help clients return to activities that they love.

Megan DEhod

Megan is a Holistic Nutritionist with specializing Athletic Nutrition and is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. She is also a member of Team Canada Beach Volleyball.


Dr. Belchos is  member of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sport Sciences. She works closely with many high level athletes and is the lead therapist for the Toronto Rush.

ANthony Veltri

Anthony is a Registered Massage Therapist with a focus on rehabilitative, sports, and deep tissue massage to improve performance.

Freya Jones-Eriksson

Freya focuses on resolving the root cause of injuries, she helps clients reach long term success and increase their resiliency to injury.


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