20% off the Gut Health Supplement Package


  • Comprehensive program covering 4 critical stages of healing the gut

  • Discover & Understand food sensitivities and probiotics

  • One-on-one nutrition coaching and support

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Gut HEalth Reset

Symptom Tracking

Gain a deep understanding of foods that irritate your gut lining.

Effective Use of Probiotics

How to effectively introduce probiotics into your system so they repopulate your microbiome.

Stress Management 

Understand the role stress plays in the health of your digestive system and strategies to manage it.

Inflammation & Metabolism

Understand how inflammation can disrupt your ability to absorb nutrients from the foods you eat.

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TAG's Gut health Supplement Kit

GI Microb-X

A powerful blend of herbs designed to reset the bacterial profile of your gut including berberine &wormwood.


A high potency blend of probiotics designed to rebuild your gut microbiome.


A soothing compound for the gut lining including L-glutamine, quercitin, and aloe.

Oil of Oregano

A supportive anti-microbial tool to reset the bacterial profile of your gut during this program.



I reached out to Megan after having a baby, looking for support and guidance for how to get back to feeling like an athlete. I can’t thank her enough for all of the advice and help she has provided me. 


This program was very helpful. I didn't know I was having half of the symptoms I was until I started tracking during the first week. Super informative and my symptoms are gone! 


I have learned and implemented so many powerful things that have truly enhanced my life from Megan and this program! My favourite thing is how she addresses my whole being and honors how everything is connected. I didn't know my stress was related to my bloating but she showed me that we have to respect every aspect of our lives to be healthy and happy.


Q: How do I know if this program is right for me?

We initiate these programs with a free discovery call. A TAG expert will go through your goals and determine what course of action is best for you. We want your investment in your health to be as fruitful as possible.

Q: How does the program work?

This is a 6 week program involving weekly coaching calls. From there you'll receive customized lifestyle and diet modifications laid out stage-by-stage. Rebuilding your gut health is an individualized process, so we keep our program flexible and adaptive to meet your unique needs.

Q: Are supplements included?

Supplements are not included with the price of your coaching calls, but all FUEL members are eligible for a discount on any TAG supplement packs.Your coach will recommend supplements as you progress through your metabolic fix plan.

Q: How Many calories per serving?

As with everything we eat, side effects are possible. C500 contains only FDA approved ingredients that are used to provide you with natural nutrients and enhance your body's natural processes. Therefore, unwanted side effects are rare. However, everyone is unique and will react differently to different foods. This is why you should consult with your physician before trying anything new and avoid using Sunset when pregnant or nursing. Quercetin is a powerful antihistamine and anti-inflammatory that neutralizes facial and upper body flush zones